I am in love with words and the magic of expression. How much? Ironically, to tell you that, I am short on words.

It’s a certain different kind of magic that words weave. And I, like a million others in this world, have been caught in this magic. So beautiful has been its way that it has led me to the answers of questions I never even knew I wanted to ask. Words, put together in a thread of thoughts, have at times disillusioned my mind, while at other occasions gifted me with clarity. They have built me, my mind, and my projection. They have instilled values and held my hand through experiences of realizations. I am enamored. I am indebted. I am thankful. I am in love with all words and every word, for they are not mere letters imprinted on a sheet, but representations of ideas and feelings that otherwise would have been hard to fathom and express.

It is easy to guess where my love for words and my fervor for the pen came from – books. Books are the loved creations of those wonderful people who decided that their thoughts, ideas and never-ending imagination could go on to touch another life. Writing, as I see it, is a noble venture that an author undertakes. While words have instilled in me a great sense of loyalty for them, writers will always have my never ending admiration and respect.

The more I read, the more I want to read. LitYard for me is going to be a journey dedicated to literature and a symbol of my love for the same. And to this journey, I invite anyone who would like to be a part of to join me. LitYard will try its best to cater to the reader that you are. From book reviews and features to interviews and lists, you can expect it all, right here. LitYard also invites you to word your thoughts and ideas and submit it to be published here. Your comments, suggestions, criticisms are all welcome on LitYard.

Today our journey begins. I heartily look forward to it.